Capítulo 12: Media Planning Essentials: Social Networking

Capítulo 13: Media Planning: Magazines

Capítulo 14: Esearch – Paid Search

Capítulo 15: Integrated Brand Promotion / Estrategia: Cupones

Capítulo 16: Product Placement in movies, music videos, tv shows, videos games.

Capítulo 17: Integrating Direct Marketing and Personal Sellling / Estrategia : Informercial

Capítulo 18: Corporate Advertising: Cause Related

Estrategias Proyectos Publicitarios

Bibliografía: Clayton O’Guinn, T., Allen, C., Semenik, R & Close, A. (2012). Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion. Capítulo 12 -18. 7th Edition. Stamford: Cengage Learning